How CCTV Can Give Your Family Peace of Mind


With the increase in crime rates and burglaries, you need to install security equipment to monitor what goes on around your house. Some areas of your house may not be visible from your windows or your front door. So how can you have a full view of your property at all times?

To help you solve this problem you need CCTV cameras. For quality assurance use a reputable CCTV installation Melbourne based company if you live in this area. Local service providers can provide quick response times if anything goes wrong, so you’ll always have a view of parts of your house that provide easy access for criminals.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or you want to install high tech devices, CCTV cameras are guaranteed to provide safety and security for you & your family.

How do CCTV Cameras Work?

CCTV cameras transmit recorded video through a secure closed circuit. This simply means that whatever activities are recorded onto your CCTV cameras won’t be leaked to outside applications. Your recorded information will remain private unless you release the videos to outside sources like the police.

Your CCTV cameras are used to monitor any activity on your premises and record it immediately. You can view these recordings at any time as you will always have access to your footage. The CCTV cameras record in real-time so you can view live streams of the activities your camera is monitoring.

All activities are recorded and sent to a digital video recorder so you can view the footage at a later stage too.

CCTV cameras come in many different sizes. If you want your CCTV cameras to be inconspicuous you can purchase smaller devices that can be hidden under roofs or inside the home.

However, know that cameras that are in full view may stop criminals from breaking into your house. Criminals know they will be recorded if they go through with their crime if they see cameras. So having cameras in plain sight may change the criminals’ minds about breaking into your property.


What are the Benefits of CCTV Cameras?

The main advantage is to have a full view of your property at all times. As mentioned before this helps you see exterior areas of your home that can’t be seen by looking out a window or door. If you hear suspicious noises outside your home you can view live streamed activities the cameras are transmitting.

But CCTV cameras aren’t only used as a security measure for the exterior of your home. They can also be used on the inside of your home. Some families feel more at ease when using cameras to monitor hired staff such as baby sitters, cleaning teams or maintenance workers.

CCTV cameras can be used to record any employees’ criminal activity within your home. You can use this as evidence if these crimes get taken to court. But there are some legalities to this process which brings you to the next topic.

Legalities of CCTV Camera Use

If you decide to install CCTV cameras inside your home you will need to inform any home-based staff members. It’s perfectly legal to use in the home provided you tell your staff they are being monitored.

It should also be noted that it’s illegal to place CCTV cameras in certain places of your home. You are prohibited from installing CCTV cameras in private areas of the home namely restrooms.

There are some countries that allow you to record the activity of your staff but you may be prohibited from recording sound. This is because staff members may talk about private matters over the phone to their loved ones. They are entitled to keep these conversations private.

Collection of Evidence

CCTV cameras can be used to collect evidence of a crime scene. This can be on the outside of the home as well as on the inside.

The recorded videos come with a timestamp and date that can be used as evidence of your whereabouts during an investigated crime. If you were at home your CCTV cameras will provide ample evidence for your alibi.

The date and time can also be used as solid evidence against any criminals trying to enter your property. Ensure the resolutions of your cameras are of the highest quality so you can have the utmost viewing clarity to recognise faces and other details.

Final Thoughts

Some CCTV cameras come with additional software that can be linked to your SmartPhone. A SmartPhone application comes with the device so you can have access to remote viewing.

Remote viewing allows you to see activities transmitted through your camera to your SmartPhone. You can have a live-streamed view of any activities your CCTV cameras are recording, no matter where you are.

With the use of CCTV cameras, you can immediately inform your security company or police of a break-in. This helps you provide the safety measures you need to keep you, your family and your assets protected from criminal threats at all times.

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