Painting alloy rims


Who wants to know all the steps necessary to realize the alloy wheels of his car or his bike, must read the following text and follow the instructions. Many vehicle owners often want to change the color of the vehicle to match it with that of the wheels. However, to get a precise and smudge-free job, you will need to pay close attention to some basic steps recommended by Powder Coating Site. Let’s find out together.

Classic painting and powder coating

Before buying everything you need, it should be emphasized that the work is not simple to obtain a satisfactory result. It will be necessary to be precise, decisive and quick. The alloy wheels are quite expensive options. So if you do not know your skills, it will be better to entrust the work to an expert coachbuilder. The most used technique to obtain a correct alloy rim painting is that of spray painting, which offers a wide variety of colors. But unfortunately, t has the defect of not being very resistant to time and impact. Although the work carried out is visually perfect. In fact, the paint for circles is likely to jump away at the first impact caused by stones or debris raised by the wheels. The most durable and able to offer the best results from the point of view of homogeneity, is the technique of powder coating. The cost is significantly higher. The main alternative to painting the DIY alloy rims, in fact, consists in entrusting one’s car to a company specialized in powder coating, which can only be carried out by professionals in the sector. This type of rim painting requires a preventive cleaning by sandblasting the surface on which it is necessary to intervene. Therefore it involves the application of a special “powder”, which is first baked in a furnace and then transformed into the final painting. The last step involves one or more passes with a transparent product that, according to the tastes of the applicant, can be glossy or opaque. The final cost of the operation is around 300 €.

How to paint alloy wheels

If you want to try to paint the alloy rims yourself, you can choose among different types of spray paints for alloy rims produced in various colors: black, yellow, red, ocher, green, orange, glossy gray or opaque gray. Special spray films specifically designed to customize cars can be found on the market. Although on most spray films the amount needed to paint two rims is indicated in a single 400 ml can, the advice is to buy a few more to improve the final result. To obtain a discrete result it will be necessary to pass at least 3 or 4 coats of product, able to guarantee a longer duration in time. The paint for the alloy rims adheres well even on the chrome surfaces. The spray film must be applied several times and forming several layers, so as to cover any leaks. To make more homogeneous passes, it will be necessary to frequently shake the spray can, even between one pass and another. It is good to specify that a DIY rim painting carried out with the supports just described, is not able to guarantee a perfect and professional result like that offered by a painting carried out by a specialist in the sector.

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