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We are Metro Auto Glass and we are the nation’s leading auto glass repair company. We pride ourselves on quality and this is why we adhere to high standards and the provision of quality service. We pay meticulous attention to detail, both in terms of repairing auto glass, and in terms of providing stellar customer service. It is our quality customer service that gets us referrals and leads our clients to coming back for more. We are located in Sydney, Australia. We service cars throughout Sydney at the customer’s location.

Our goal is to repair damaged cars to make them look new again. We accomplish this by simplifying the process of fixing the damaged glass on our customers’ cars. Our staff consists of the best, most qualified, and most professional glass technicians who have experience fixing damaged and broken glass on all types of vehicles in existence:  from luxury cars to early classic cars. Our staff is even capable of repairing damaged windscreens on large trucks and heavy machinery. The staff come to your place, be it your home or office, and work with your schedule to do a quality job quickly to ensure that you can get on with your life as soon as possible.

We are a mobile repair company and we specialize in glass replacement services for all types of damaged cars and vehicles. We understand that even the smallest crack in a car’s dashboard can cost the owner in terms of traffic tickets and poses a serious safety hazard – the glass could crack further and break while the owner is driving and injure or kill the owner and passengers.  Our staff specializes in fitting front and rear windscreens for all makes and models. We source our products from the best and most reliable suppliers in Australia.  The glass we use meets the stringent requirements of Australia’s Design Rule, and complies with Australia’s strict standards.

Our staff also specializes in fixing side and rear windows which generally are made out of toughened or tempered glass.  Laminated glass tends to shatter when hit on impact, and this can be deadly for the owner of the car and his or her passengers. It needs to be replaced immediately for this reason and we carry many types of glass replacements for the front, side, and rear panels for almost all makes and models.

We also provide quality glass replacement services for specialty and custom cars. Our customers are pleased with the high quality of our services and our products which last a long time. We get referrals and many repeat customers which has helped us build up a strong customer base over the years. We are also known for our excellent customer service. We staff our office with the most knowledgeable and seasoned professionals who are able to resolve all glass replacement inquiries quickly, with ease, and with a courteous manner. Our customer service line is staffed 24/7. This gives our customers the peace of mind that someone will always be there to answer their most pressing and worrisome queries.

We excel where others fail in terms of glass replacement for cars and vehicles. We focus on Sydney, Australia. It is this focus which has lead us to become the best car replacement company in Sydney. We are capable of keeping our customers happy with our stellar reps, both in terms of general and customer service, who provide them (customers) with quality work – in terms of glass repair and customer service.  Now that you know who we are and what we can do for you, why don’t you give us a call today?














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